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Our Soundproof Window Inserts save 60% of the energy lost through your existing home or office windows.
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Our Soundproof Window Inserts stop up to 95% of annoying noise at your home or office.
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Our Soundproof Window Inserts cost less than soundproof replacement windows.
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Soundproof and Energy Efficient.
Now, That’s Living Comfortably!

Soundproof WindowsSoundproof any room in your home or office with our soundproof, energy-efficient window inserts. Imagine blocking up to 75% of low pitch noise (big trucks, A/C compressors, etc.) and up to 95% of high pitch noise (bus brakes, pool pumps, etc.).1

What Are Soundproof Window Inserts?
First of all, they are not replacement windows.2 Instead, they are laminated glass window treatments that install on the inside of your window opening, in-between your existing windows and your blinds, shades, shutters, curtains or drapes. They provide noise insulation as well as energy insulation.

  • Insulates against unwanted noises and sounds like traffic, loud music, a/c units, barking dogs, noisy neighbors, trains, etc.
  • Insulates against energy loss, both cold and heat.
  • Custom made to fit your existing window openings, even if you have arches, eyebrows, triangles, circles, etc.
  • Meets fire code for both egress and ingress.
  • Compliant with HOA regulations because they don't change the exterior look of your home or office.
  • Reduces the ultraviolet (UV) light that fades carpets and furniture.
  • Usually Installs in One Day or Less
  • Typically costs 50% less than soundproof replacement windows.
  • NO Removal of Your Old Windows
  • NO Messy Construction
  • Ideal for both Residential and Commercial windows
  • Reduces Window Condensation
  • Eliminates Drafts and Allergens

How They Work
The air gap that is created between the soundproof window insert and the existing window produces an insulated Sound TrapTM where sound waves are absorbed, reflected and cancelled. The result is a much lower volume of sound that makes it through the Sound TrapTM into the room. The air gap also reduces energy loss by 60% per window.

The seal of our soundproof window inserts is very important because sound can act like water, seeping through openings. Our infiltration rate is less than .01 cfm/lineal foot, which far exceeds the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). Please note that "soundproof" drapes or curtains typically do not have a seal around them, hence allowing sound to enter the edges of drapes or curtains unabated.

Sound Ratings
Our sound reduction values use the Sound Transmission Class (STC) scale which tests a series of low to high frequencies at the same loudness to find an average.
Our Soundproof Window inserts have an STC rating of 42 if you have an existing single-pane window, and 48 if you have an existing double-pane window.

Three Styles of Inserts
Operating Insert - slides up/down or left/right
This insert is the most convenient for those who frequently open the windows on the noisy side of the building, but is the most expensive because it has moving parts. It is slightly less effective than our other styles simply because the sliding part of the window must be free to move.
Single Piece Insert - removable single panel
This insert is the most effective and least expensive because it has no moving parts. It is the best choice for those who rarely open the windows on the noisy side of the building, and want the maximum sound reduction.
Two-Piece Insert - removable dual panels
This insert is a cross between the Operating Insert and the Single panel. It is the best choice for those who occasionally open the windows on the noisy side of the building.

Where Are They Made?
We are a Texas company that manufactures and installs only in Texas. We service residential and commercial properties in all major Texas metro areas - Houston, Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth - and areas nearby and in-between.

Pricing depends on size, volume, existing window treatments, shape and installation. Residential Soundproof Window Inserts are usually between $22 and $58 per square foot, including installation and tax. For example, three 3'x6' inserts are approximately 25% less per insert than just one. Arched windows are about 15% more expensive than rectangular windows because they take much more time to cut and install.

Prices for commercial Soundproof Window Inserts vary even more (both lower and higher). For example, window volumes and sizes are usually much higher than residential applications, reducing prices significantly. But, access to windows may be much more difficult, driving prices higher. Our hotel installations are a good example of this, i.e. many large windows, yet limited access to available rooms.

Installation and Timing
In most cases we can install your soundproof window inserts within two-three weeks of receiving your 50% down payment. They usually install in one to two days, depending on volume and accessibility.

Free Estimates and Quotes
We provide free, no-obligation estimates via phone or email, and free, no-obligation fixed quotes based on on-site measurements. The first step is the estimate. Just email or call us with some basic information:

  • In which Texas city do you live?
  • What are the approximate sizes of your window openings? All we need is the size to the nearest foot. For example, 3'x5' or 3'x6'.
  • Do any of the windows have arches or special shapes?
  • What type of interior window treatments do you have?
  • How many windows are affected by sound?
  • In what type of building are you located? (house, high-rise, apartment, etc.)
  • How often do you open your windows on the noisy side of the room?

We'll provide you with an estimate based on your information. Then you can decide if you wish us to visit your home to get a fixed quote. It usually takes about half an hour to measure your windows, assess installation needs and show you samples. We can usually send you the fixed quote within 24hrs of our visit.

To get started on your free estimate, please email us or call us!

281-971-1967   Houston metro
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1 Percentage based on 65dB of outside noise (max decibels of typical city ordinances)
2 Click here for a comparison of window inserts vs. double-pane replacement windows and soundproof replacement windows.


My biggest reason for buying window inserts was for sound. I live in a neighborhood with lots of children and after they were installed, I was able to relax, read or watch TV without any distractions. Also, a tree had fallen and broken one of my windows this year. Not only did the interior storm window keep the broken glass from coming in to the house, it kept all of the rain out too. As far as the energy savings, they have paid for themselves many times over.
- D. Wong / Houston, TX

I can't believe how much cooler the rooms are now with our window inserts, especially the ones that face west. One of them was set up as an office and I dreaded working in there during the day due to the heat. You either had to turn your air conditioning thermostat down (for the whole house) or turn the ceiling fan on high, which blew your papers all around. Now it's totally comfortable! An added plus is the sound from the street and a nearby freeway is gone.
- J Allen / Houston, TX

I live in a 1920's bungalow in the Montrose area with beautiful original windows..however they are drafty.. you can see the curtains move. Not any more. I stand by them on cold days now and can not tell it's cold, which means I can leave my curtains open. One of my concerns was appearances, as I am all about not cheapening the historical look of my house. The Sun and Sound window frames are so small, if I don't point them out to visitors, they don't realize I have them. I had two rooms put in as a trial and immediately called them back to do the rest of the rooms. Having these installed is much cheaper to what replacing the windows would entail in cost and time. The crew was efficient and fast. Took one afternoon each time to install the windows.
- Melissa / Montrose area, Houston, TX








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