Bringing Window Sound Barrier Solutions to Music City

Sun and Sound Windows is excited to announce our latest news. We’re opening a new branch in the Music City: Nashville, Tennessee.

Residents are famously proud of the Nashville music scene. And like people anywhere in the country, most Nashville residents want Home Sweet Home to be a place of peace and quiet. Our experts at Sun and Sound Windows make soundproofing cost-effective and convenient.

So, if you have concerns about the sound level in the roaring Music City but love Nashville and Davidson County living, you can have it both ways

Living In or Around the City? Check Your Noise Levels.

Nashville has the loudest dining spots anywhere, and that’s saying a lot. Throughout the country, our environments are getting noisier. This is why apps that measure sound decibels are now so popular. The SoundPrint app keeps track of restaurant-goers’ sound level records. You’ll find restaurants with sound levels of 70 decibels and below in some cities, and others ranking as very loud — higher than 80 decibels.

Or try the CDC’s NIOSH Meter, an app made to measure sound where you work, dine, travel or play. It will give you an idea of the relative noise levels of the places you go, and how well sound can travel.

Because loud venues populate the restaurant scene in Nashville, Tennessee, window sound barrier solutions are demand. If you’re near the music venues, we can soundproof your Nashville home. At Sun and Sound Windows, we provide soundproof window inserts to support good health, a good night’s sleep and a calmer home environment.

It’s True. A Quiet Home Supports Your Good Health.

Nashville’s homeowners should know that groundbreaking research by M.S. Hammer and team at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, Ann Arbor, showed regular noise exposure puts people at risk of hypertension, strokes and heart issues.

The Hammer study estimated 104 million individuals are exposed to a continual daily average sound level of more than 70 decibels, risking noise-induced hearing loss. The team wrote that tens of millions of people “may be at risk” of noise-related heart disease and other physical effects. They recommended noise regulation, outreach and education, and building alterations as the best preventative actions.

And yes, the issue of club and restaurant noise is relevant here. Today’s restaurant owners are sending sound beyond their own buildings as they look to achieve energy and excitement that can reach the public — the feel diners associate with eating out in a big city. Many restaurants go for open floor plans, with a flow between the bar, dining, and patio areas, all with very few sound-absorbing elements. As for music, the rule is: amp it up!

Indeed, regulars at restaurants and their servers can easily experience noise that Daniel Fink MD calls loud enough to cause hearing loss. It’s not as though a restaurant trip will ruin your hearing; it’s the cumulative effect that takes a toll.

Especially if you live around the noise from the venues and also from the traffic around those spots. As the Hammer study points out, the health impacts go well beyond hearing loss.

Yet cities with high overall sound levels create more risk — all the more reason to shield your home from the sounds of traffic, music events, restaurants and club venues.

So, Just How Loud Are Nashville Restaurants?

We love Nashville restaurants and music. But very few people want to be surrounded by other people’s sounds, no matter how fantastic that band might be.

Some residents might ask: “What if I want to make a complaint about noise from a Nashville restaurant near me? What’s the Nashville noise limit?”

Turning to the local law in Nashville and Davidson County: No “establishment during business operating hours” may point its inside speakers at the door, if the sound coming out of the speakers exceeds 85 decibels, as measured from street level 50 feet from the building.

In other words, Nashville restaurants can blast away through the doorway, up to 84 decibels. That’s very loud. To put it into context, the sound of a diesel truck moving 40 mph at 50 feet away is 84 decibels.

And even to that rule, there are notable exceptions:

  • If the restaurant has outside seating, it can ignore the speaker rule, although it is limited to an 85 decibel sound limit.
  • Live music gets an express exemption from the 85 decibel rule.

Nashville bars and dining spots can be loud. Very loud. Let’s talk about actually safe noise levels now.

We’re Living Longer. We Need to Understand Long-Term Hearing Loss Prevention.

Quantified damage coming from environmental noise starts at just 75 decibels, with the upper limit of healthful quiet deemed by researchers at somewhere in the range of 55-70 decibels. We’d say to prevent hearing loss the sweet spot is lower than 70 decibels.

Regular exposure to noise topping 70 and even 80 decibels — which is trendy in today’s gyms and bars and obviously allowed in Nashville restaurants — erodes hearing over time. And once hearing is gone, it’s gone. This loss affects at least one in four adults over 65.

Our population is living, on average, to age 80. The years of noise add up, and that helps explain why so many older people need hearing aids.

Noise exposure reaches beyond its original source. For local residents, the noise is constant. Its disrupts people’s sleep, it interrupts concentration, it annoys, and it could contribute to hearing loss as we get older.

The risks can be managed, at least in our homes. Sounds enter our homes through window panes and the spots around window frames. The convenient solution? Soundproof window panels, installed right into your replacement windows.

At Sun and Sound Windows, we give you control over the noise level in your own indoor environment.

A Window Sound Barrier Makes Soundproofing Your Nashville Home Simple.

A top-notch window sound barrier is a must for the Rip-Roaring Music City. They’re excellent shields against a lot more than clubs and restaurants, too. Soundproof window inserts:

Sun and Sound Windows can bring our soundproof window inserts to you. We can install them in your Nashville home, condo, apartment property, music studio or office. You’ll find that inserts in your replacement windows will also help insulate your interior in both summer and winter. This holds your electricity costs as well as the noise down.

Make Your Home a Quiet Space in Nashville. Sound and Sound Windows Can Help.

If you have any questions or concerns, let us know. Ready to start? Contact Sun and Sound Windows and get a quote for window sound barrier panels.

Because even in Nashville, Tennessee, you have every reason to expect peace and quiet in your home.