You may have received a noise complaint letter from your apartment landlord.

We live in a society where many people are stressed and can’t deal with any extra noise, so sometimes, they’re quick to jump into action regarding noise complaints.

How do you deal with these situations? We’re going to break down the basics of defending yourself against noise complaints, but first, let’s discuss the acceptable noise level in apartments.

In this post, we’re going to break down what is considered normal apartment noise, how to respond to a noise complaint letter, and a few cool tips and recommendations so you can understand how to defend yourself against a noise complaint.

What Is Considered Normal Apartment Noise?

The definition of ‘normal noise’ in an apartment can be subjective, but the consensus is that ‘normal apartment noise’ is any noise that emanates from typical everyday activities is acceptable.

As for sound levels, here in Houston, the Houston Sound Ordinance states that sound cannot exceed 65 decibels during the day and 58 decibels at night in residential areas.

With this in mind, it is safe to say that it is unreasonable for Houston tenants to complain about sound levels below those limits.

You can learn more about the sound ordinance in the state of Texas here: How to File a Noise Complaint Against Your Neighbors Anonymously.

If you’re not a Texan, your city’s legal definition of noise might vary from this, so it’s best to check with your leasing office.

Know Your Quiet Times

In addition to sound levels, it’s also important to know your quiet times to defend yourself against noise complaints.

From luxury apartments to modest apartments, you can expect every landlord to enforce quiet times.

For example, under the current sound ordinance in Houston, noise from residential properties from 8 a.m.-10 p.m. should not exceed 65 decibels. From 10:01 p.m.-7:59 a.m., the limit drops down to 58 decibels.

Similar to sound level rules, quiet times may differ in your area, so to defend yourself against unreasonable noise complaints, make sure you do your research and speak to someone in your leasing office.

Once you’ve completed your research, you’ll be ready to craft the perfect response to a noise complaint letter.

How To Respond to a Noise Complaint Letter

To clear your name, contact your leasing office, ask to speak to your community manager, and then respectfully refer to the sound ordinance laws and quiet times.

After explaining how and why you’ve done no wrong, you’re off the hook. It’s pretty simple!

And to prevent another complaint, you could soundproof your apartment.

Even if the initial complaint was unreasonable, soundproofing guarantees you and your neighbors peace of mind moving forward, and Sun and Sound Windows can help you accomplish just that.

How We Can Help Stop Noise Complaints in Apartments

We are proud to offer made-in-Texas quarter-inch lamented glass insert panels in various sizes and configurations, as well as outdoor soundproof window treatments that will help give you the freedom to enjoy your home without fear of noise complaints.

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