Do Triple Glazed Windows Reduce Noise?

Triple glazed (or triple pane) windows are made of three glass panels with air gaps between them. They are more expensive than double pane windows, which have just one air gap between the two panes.

Double glazed windows stop more sound than single pane windows, but that doesn’t mean that triple glazed is better.

Triple glazed windows have more layers than double pane windows with the extra pane, but studies have shown they don’t block much more noise. Why don’t triple pane windows block significantly more sound? They don’t have sufficient space between each pane of glass, which is part of what helps trap unwanted noise. They also don’t have sufficient mass to act as a barrier to sound.

Measuring Noise Reduction

To measure how much sound a window blocks, we use Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings. They are an objective way to compare diminished noise, and the higher the number the better.

Single pane windows have an STC of 26 to 28, while double pane windows clock in at 26 to 32. A triple pane window with each pane the same strength and thickness earns an STC rating of about 29.

Cut the Noise with Sun and Sound Windows

Our soundproof window inserts have an STC rating of 48 if you have double pane windows.

While STC rating increases may seem small, each increase of 10 in an STC rating halves the sound. With an STC rating of 48, loud speech is largely unheard.

The laminated glass we use for our soundproof window inserts is windshield glass, which is made from two 1/8-inch-thick pieces of laminated glass, connected with a flexible membrane. The membrane keeps the glass from vibrating with sound waves (which helps stop the noise), and the greater mass of the glass also helps block more sound.

When we install these soundproof window inserts, we place them about two inches away from your existing windows to create a sufficient sound trap. We also check that we make a good seal to block sound waves. Together, the higher mass of the windows, the solid seal and the air gap creates the high STC rating of 48.

Our soundproof window inserts block up to 95% of high-pitched noises like bus brakes and pool pumps and up to 75% of low-pitched noise like air-conditioners and traffic.

They don’t change the look of your home (and are approved for historic houses), and we can usually install them in just a day with no mess.

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