See How to Soundproof a Nursery in Two Simple Steps

The Importance of Quiet on Child Development

Don’t wake the baby! Newborns need up to 16 hours of sleep a day, and babies ages one to two need up to 14 hours. Failure to get enough sleep or quality sleep can increase infants’ and children’s risk of diabetes, obesity and depression.

Outside noise can easily interrupt your baby’s sleep and negatively impact their development. Lawn equipment such as weed eaters can reach 96 decibels and planes can reach 100 decibels. These noises can cause hearing damage and impact children’s reading ability as well as interrupt sleep.

What to Do About Outside Noise

If you live in a noisy neighborhood with bustling traffic, barking dogs, or nearby trains or planes, you have options to keep your nursery peaceful so you children can get sufficient sleep.

See how to soundproof your baby room to prevent outside noise from waking up your child.

Make the Space Cozy and Muffle Sound

Consider carpet, which dampens sound, while hardwood amplifies it. If carpeting isn’t possible, place some fluffy or wooly rugs around the room.

Get Soundproof Glass Window Inserts and Stop the Noise

Outside noise can easily interrupt your baby’s sleep, and windows are famous for letting outside noise seep in.

Soundproof glass window inserts block up to 75% of low-pitched noises such as airplanes and bass music and 95% of high-pitched noises such as motorcycles and weed eaters.

They don’t change the look of your home, and we can install them in a day with no mess.

Soundproof glass window inserts block outside noise and are less costly than replacing your windows. As an added bonus, since they add layers to your windows, they reduce your energy bill.

Talk to our team today about creating cost-effective window inserts in nearly any custom size or shape. Get the baby room soundproofing you need fast and watch your baby – and you – get a better night’s sleep.