What to Know If You’re Considering DIY Soundproof Windows

Pinterest might have popularized DIY, but there are times when it just makes sense to call in an expert.

If you’re looking at DIY soundproof window inserts, this is often one of those times.

This is because of the science of soundproofing, manufacturing sufficiently thick soundproof window inserts, the aesthetics of these inserts and the convenience of setting them up.

What to Know About Installing Soundproof Window Inserts

To effectively block noise, you need to create an air gap. We prefer to make an air gap of at least two inches to trap sound. However, the bigger the air gap, the more noise is trapped. (This also insulates against energy loss and can lower your energy bill by up to 60%.)

In addition, you need a solid seal. If air can leak through the seal, so can sound. When we install soundproof window inserts, the infiltration rate is less than .01 cfm/lineal foot, which far exceeds the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). This helps us stop as much sound as possible.

How We Make Soundproof Window Inserts

A perfect seal and sufficient air gap alone aren’t enough to block noise. You also need to make sure that the soundproof window insert has enough mass to trap sound. We used to use acrylic for soundproof window inserts, but we found that laminated glass had a 95% satisfaction rating from our customers who requested it.

Our laminated glass soundproof window inserts are made from two pieces of 1/8″ thick pieces of annealed glass, held together with a flexible adhesive membrane. This makes the final soundproof window 1/4″ thick, and the weight of the glass absorbs and stops sound. The flexible membrane also prevents the glass from vibrating with sound waves.

In contrast, double-pane windows are made with two thin panes of glass with very little mass. This doesn’t make them ideal for cutting out noise.

The Aesthetics of Professional vs. DIY Soundproof Window Inserts

When we install your soundproof window inserts, we don’t change the look of your windows at all. They are even approved for use in historic neighborhoods.

We can also customize them to the size and shape of your windows (or sliding glass doors). The frames are less than an inch and come in standard white, ivory or dark bronze or you can paint them.

In most cases, we can install them behind your existing window treatments (shades, blinds, curtains, etc.).

If you want, we can tint your soundproof window inserts bronze or gray to block infrared rays from entering your home.

How Long It Takes to Install Soundproof Window Inserts

It usually takes us just a day or less to install your inserts. Our experts are quick and clean.

How Long Soundproof Window Inserts Last

The materials we use have been in real-life weather and usage conditions for more than 28 years without degrading.

Our warranty lasts as long as you own your home, and is transferable when you sell your home.

Start Blocking Noise

Our window inserts block up to 75% of low-pitched noise like traffic and up to 95% of high-pitched noise like pool pumps.

We do all the work of manufacturing and installing your windows so you can get peace and quiet in your home right away.

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