Get Window Inserts for Drafty Windows

The winter season is fast approaching, with blustery winds. If a cold winter draft seeps through your space like clockwork during this time, you shouldn’t have to ride it out. There is a solution to improve your comfort, so you don’t feel the need to grab your blanket as you deal with howling noises. That solution is installing window inserts for winter or any time of year.

Window Inserts Block Winter Winds

No matter the size or age of your windows or glass doors, window inserts can keep your space quiet, warm and toasty without replacing your windows.

Soundproof Your Space

The Sound Transmission Class (STC) represents a structure’s ability to reduce the sound volume. A higher number means a more significant noise reduction benefit. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), without window inserts, the STC for windows and doors with windows ranges from 19 dB to 38 dB.

According to a survey measuring wall sound, here’s what you may hear with the following STCs:

  • Understand everyday speech: 25 dB
  • Understand loud speech: 30 dB
  • Almost understand loud speech: 35 dB
  • Loud speech is a murmur: 40 dB
  • Loud speech is faint but not audible: 45 dB

If an STC at 45dB can nearly mute a conversation, then howling wind noises also disappear.

Our soundproof window inserts at Sun & Sound have an STC of 42 dB to 48 dB, ranging as follows:

  • With a single-pane window: 42 dB
  • With a double-pane window: 48 dB

Sun & Sound window inserts increase STCs, all but disappearing howling wind. The window inserts improve your space for work or rest, improving concentration and stopping the influx of spooky-sounding howling noises at night.

Block Winter Cold

In 2022, on average nationwide, residential electricity prices are forecasted to continue increasing this fall and winter by 7.5% from 2021, according to the Short-Term Energy Outlook September 2022 forecast from the federal Energy Information Administration.

Window inserts insulate your windows, reducing winter drafts and, in turn, lowering your energy bill. Just as window inserts reduce sound, they also reduce drafts from seeping into your space by sealing your windows and keeping heat inside.

At Sun & Sound, we help clients cut their heating bills by up to 50% throughout major Texas metropolitan areas through three window insert options:

  • Operating insert that slides up and down or left and right
  • Single-piece insert with a single removable panel
  • Two-piece insert with removable dual panels

The single-piece window insert provides the maximum insulation. In contrast, the others have moving parts, allowing for occasional air flow if you open your window.

How Can You Get the Best Window Inserts for Your Drafty Windows?

At Sun & Sound, we offer window inserts that we can customize to any sized or shaped window or door. Our inserts comply with fire codes and homeowner associations, are nearly invisible and are easy to install. Contact us today for the best window inserts for drafty windows in your space. To get your window inserts for winter, contact us online for a free window inserts quote today, or speak to one of our customer care specialists by calling 281-914-0264.