Apartment Complex, Hotel and Office Soundproofing

Soundproof Existing Windows and Save on Your Energy Bill

Do you work near a busy highway or bustling city center? Rushing traffic or music blaring can frequently reach levels higher than allowed by city noise ordinances. Make your office building, apartment complex or hotel a quieter, more productive space when you soundproof existing windows with Sun & Sound Windows. 

Our acoustic glass window inserts create a thick sound barrier to block high and low-pitched noise drifting in from loud conversations, motorcycles, airplanes, lawn care equipment and construction. 

They lower sound an average of 85 percent, plus they reduce drafts and airborne allergens so you can cut down your energy bill.

Our custom soundproof window inserts are nearly invisible so you keep the look of your building, and they comply with historic building and fire codes. They’re warranted and will last for decades so you can enjoy the energy bill savings – and quiet – for years. 

Contact us to get a quote and start creating a more peaceful, productive property today.

Customer Testimonial

Keith was a total professional, friendly and attentive… These inserts have given me the ability to run my business from home; a 10 year dream for me that’s finally been realized in a professional capacity and I can’t thank y’all enough. I will make sure to recommend Sun and Sound to my colleagues and clients.

John Stephens

Owner/Engineer, Third Coast Recording Co.