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Hearing Loss: How It Happens. How to Stop It.

What to Know About Hearing Loss Prevention Hearing loss is a neglected health issue. It's connected with stress and cardiovascular harm. It even raises the risk of having a stroke. Here's how hearing loss happens, how it impacts your health and the steps you can take...

Sun and Sound Windows Opens New Branch in Nashville

Bringing Window Sound Barrier Solutions to Music City Sun and Sound Windows is excited to announce our latest news. We're opening a new branch in the Music City: Nashville, Tennessee. Residents are famously proud of the Nashville music scene. And like people anywhere...

How to Soundproof a Room for Music

Are you looking to create a home music studio for practice and recording? Or a soundproof room for crystal-clear recordings on podcasts and voice-overs? There are two big reasons for soundproofing your room: If you’re getting reverb, echo or any type of unwanted...

The Effects of Sound on Sleep: Why You Need a Soundproof Bedroom

Are you a light sleeper or do you sleep like a rock? Regardless of the type of sleeper you are, sound has the potential to significantly impact the amount of rest you get as well as your overall health. Sound affects you (even if you aren’t aware of it) while you are...

Noise Pollution and Your Health

The Health Problems Due to Noise Pollution Don't Stop at Hearing Loss Noises are just as a part of life, and we need to adjust, right? Not so. Research scientists Lisa Goines and Leda C Mendonça-Hagler have called noise pollution “a modern plague.” Everywhere human...

The Effects of Noise Pollution on Teens, Children and Unborn Infants

The screech of brakes, roar of motorcycles and beat of bass form the backdrop of our lives. While it may seem ubiquitous and harmless, noise pollution is harming children, teens and even unborn infants. What Is Noise Pollution? Noise pollution, also known as sound...