Soundproof Music Room

Block Unwanted Noise During Recording or Practice Sessions

When you’re practicing or recording music in a home studio, you want to avoid picking up ambient noise from the rest of your house, office or neighborhood. We make it easy to unleash your creativity in a soundproof music room. Our noise reduction window panels block high and low-pitched sound so you can practice or record in peace.

Our window and door panels quiet both high and low-pitched sounds. They’re made of glass, which creates a thicker, more-effective barrier than plastics or acrylic. They have an STC rating of 42 if you have a single-pane window and 48 if you have a double-pane window. An STC rating of 48 means that noise from even loud conversations outside is nearly inaudible.

Other things to consider when creating a soundproof music room are the thickness of your walls, the source of the noise coming from outside and the location of your room. If you’re considering an in-home soundproof music room, call us for a free quote or ask us your questions online.

Customer Testimonial

Keith was a total professional, friendly and attentive… These inserts have given me the ability to run my business from home; a 10 year dream for me that’s finally been realized in a professional capacity and I can’t thank y’all enough. I will make sure to recommend Sun and Sound to my colleagues and clients.

John Stephens

Owner/Engineer, Third Coast Recording Co.