Soundproof Music Room

Practice or Record Without Disruption in a Home Music Room.

When you’re practicing or recording music in a home music room, you want to avoid picking up ambient noise from the rest of your house, office or neighborhood. We make it easy to unleash your creativity in a soundproof music room with noise reduction window panels that block high and low-pitched sound so you can practice or record in peace.

How Much Noise Can Soundproof Music Room Window Panels Block?

Our window and door panels stop both high and low-pitched sounds whether from traffic, construction, air-conditioning units or voices. They’re made of glass, which creates a thicker, more-effective barrier than plastics or acrylic. They have an STC rating of 42 if you have a single-pane window and 48 if you have a double-pane window. An STC rating of 48 means that noise from even loud conversations outside is nearly inaudible.

Other things to consider when creating a soundproof music room are the thickness of your walls, the source of the noise coming from outside and the location of your room. If you’re considering an in-home soundproof music room, call us for a free quote or ask us your questions online.

Why Count on an Expert Installer Instead of Doing It Yourself?

When our experts install your soundproof door at least two inches away from your current door, they create a sound trap. There are three essential elements to a proper sound trap: mass, air gap and seal.

  1. Mass: Our laminated glass is constructed from two 1/8″ thick pieces of annealed glass, held together by a flexible adhesive membrane.
  2. Air gap: The two-inch air gap we create is a good rule-of-thumb when trying to block noise that disrupts your practicing or recording. The bigger the gap, the more it traps the sound waves.
  3. Seal: The seal of our soundproofing window inserts is critical because sound can act like water, seeping through openings. Our infiltration rate is less than .01 cfm/lineal foot, which far exceeds the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

As a bonus, the air gap insulates against energy loss, so you can see immediate savings on your utilities bill from a soundproofed home music room.

Ready to practice in peace? Call us at 281-336-8685 or contact us online.

Customer Testimonial

Keith was a total professional, friendly and attentive… These inserts have given me the ability to run my business from home; a 10 year dream for me that’s finally been realized in a professional capacity and I can’t thank y’all enough. I will make sure to recommend Sun and Sound to my colleagues and clients.

John Stephens

Owner/Engineer, Third Coast Recording Co.