Live Near Traffic or Construction? Get Soundproof Windows in Houston, Texas


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Live Near Traffic or Construction? Soundproof Your Home or Office.

Is your weekend interrupted by the roar of 18-wheelers or the noise of local businesses? With a lack of zoning laws to keep commercial, restaurant and industrial noise out of residential neighborhoods, Houston has been ranked one of the noisiest cities in America.

Houston Noise Ordinance

The Houston noise ordinance states that noise heard on residential property should not exceed 65 decibels between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. and 58 decibels between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. Nonresidential property noise is limited to 68 decibels at all times.

Individuals and organizations may apply for a permit to use sound amplification equipment that will exceed these levels. Noise with a permit should still be less than 75 decibels when measured at the next property line.

Minimize Noise

If you live or work in a busy area, you have options – Our soundproof window and door panels block up to 95 percent of high-pitched noise (such as small dogs’ barking) and up to 75 percent of low-pitched noise (such as bass music). Whether you deal with the roar of airplanes near Bush Intercontinental or Hobby Airports, the buzz of traffic on 610 and the Beltway, or the drone of construction everywhere, you can block the din with glass window panels.

Keep the Look of Your Home

You don’t have to replace your windows – our nearly invisible panels comply with homeowners associations and fire regulations (even if your home is historic). We can quickly install custom-shaped panels in your existing windows and doors, with no mess, so you can start getting a better night’s sleep or day’s work, quickly.

Save on Energy

Plus, while they insulate your building from unwanted noise, window inserts also help block the heat and cold so they pay for themselves with the energy savings.

Create Calm

Houston is where we got our start, and we’re proud to quickly install custom soundproof windows and doors in Harris County and beyond.


Save on Energy and Minimize Noise with Soundproof Window Inserts


of High-Pitched Noise Blocked


of Low-Pitched Noise Blocked


Reduction of Energy Loss Per Window


Less Expensive Than Soundproof Window Replacement

J. Allen

I can’t believe how much cooler the rooms are now with our window inserts, especially the ones that face west. One of them was set up as an office and I dreaded working in there during the day due to the heat. You either had to turn your air-conditioning thermostat down (for the whole house) or turn the ceiling fan on high, which blew your papers all around. Now it’s totally comfortable! An added plus is the sound from the street and a nearby freeway is gone