Glass Soundproof Doors and Windows to Mute Traffic Noise

Traffic doesn’t just create problems for your commute – its roar can also hinder your productivity at your home or office. Cars and motorcycles can reach noise levels much higher than allowed by city noise ordinances.

Sun and Sound Windows’ panels are made from glass, rather than acrylic, to create a thicker, more effective sound barrier. The increased window thickness also helps you save on energy and reduce drafts.

Our glass soundproof doors and windows are a cost effective option to cut the noise and help you get in a more effective day’s work and a better night’s sleep. Contact us today for a free quote by phone.


  • Our soundproof doors and windows block 75-85% of cars’ sound.
  • Tire and engine noise ranges from low to high pitch, usually 55-85 decibels.



  • Soundproof doors and windows stop about 75% of the roar of motorcycles.
  • Engines “scream” from 110-152 decibels, much louder than the maximum allowed by city ordinance.


  • Our soundproof doors and windows mute about 75% of the sound, usually from 75-85 decibels.
  • Trucks and motorcycles can create vibration, which soundproof windows cannot stop.