Best Types of Sound Reducing Glass

The best types of sound reducing glass for many inarguably should work well while remaining cost-effective. You can block noise by installing soundproof window inserts rather than replacing your entire window. Soundproof window inserts with noise reduction glass provide efficient and effective home and office soundproofing solutions. Here’s how much sound they can block:

  • Up to 75% of low-pitched noise, including but not limited to:
    • Traffic
    • A/C compressors
  • Up to 95% of high-pitched noise, including but not limited to:
    • Bus brakes
    • Pool pumps

A soundproof window insert is the best glass for soundproofing for many reasons. To begin, not only does it work well while remaining far less expensive than replacing your windows, it’s simple to install, making it the all-around most efficient choice of glass that’s soundproof. Here are more reasons why.

Window Inserts Should Fit Many Types of Windows

Quality window inserts, including glass sliding doors, can be custom-shaped to fit virtually any size. At Sun & Sound, we can custom-fit our glass soundproof inserts to suit many different types of windows, including but not limited to:

  • Windows on the noisy side of a building that you still want to frequently open
  • Windows you rarely open and need maximum sound reduction for
  • Windows you occasionally open – providing, you guessed it, medium sound reduction
  • Glass slide-door windows

Quality Sound Proof Glass Price Saves Money & Time

Did you know that soundproof glass price for window inserts is typically half as much as soundproof replacement windows? With Sun & Sound glass window inserts, you can save on time wasted over stress and installation and save money on electricity.

Maximum Peace of Mind in One Day

According to a consensus on Angie’s List, window replacements can take up to 15 weeks after initial evaluation. Quality soundproof glass inserts — like those found at Sun & Sound — are professionally fabricated and installed by professionals in approximately one day after two to three weeks of manufacturing. Upon installation, sound-reducing glass inserts will protect your space and furniture from aging ultraviolet light. Our glass inserts seal allergens, which can improve your quality of life.

Save on Electricity & Efficiently Soundproof Your Space

Installing Sun & Sound glass window inserts bring fast relief from unwanted outside noises and uncomfortable temperatures. As soundproofing your home blocks outdoor noise from reaching indoors, it also seals out cold or hot air leaks. That way, you’re effectively guaranteed to save on electricity.

“The potential energy savings from reducing drafts in a home may range from 10% to 20% per year,” according to Energy Saver on

Sun & Sound Noise Reduction Glass Made in Texas

With the speed of installation of our sound reducing glass in mind, it’s evident that we must be nearby our customer base. We serve customers across Texas, with service locations in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin. We source our laminated glass inserts from industry-leading manufacturers in the United States.

How Can You Get the Best Glass for Soundproofing?

Contact Sun & Sound for the best glass soundproof window inserts. Our custom-crafted noise reduction glass inserts save money and time without compromising quality. To effectively and efficiently soundproof your home or office, call our specialists at 281-914-0264 or contact us online for a free window inserts estimate.