The way people are doing their jobs is changing. Many companies are now allowing employees to work remotely. Workers are jumping at the chance to trade early morning commutes for a home office. However, it doesn’t take much time for these new work-from-home employees to discover a few problems with the new arrangement, most specifically learning to block out noise.

You may think your home is quiet, but you’ll discover how noisy it really is when you have to concentrate. Studies show that one of the biggest productivity killers is the inability to focus with constant interruptions, or block out noise. While muted continuous background sounds such as the kind found at a cafe may actually benefit creatively, loud and sudden sounds do not.

So, before you agree to trade the corporate office for a home office, make sure you have a tranquil place to work and you can effectively block out noise.

How to Block Out Noise In Your Home Office

Choose the Ideal Room For Your Home Office

Although working from the kitchen table or lounging on the sofa in the living room may seem almost like a dream come true, they are horrible choices for places to use as a home office. To do your best work, you need to be far from the hub of activity and have the ability to leave your work where it is at the end of the day. That means being cloistered away in a spare bedroom or another unused space that is naturally quiet. If you live alone, you have more options, but you should still choose your work area wisely.

Create a Work Schedule That Fits Your Needs and Home Environment

Knowing where to work is only a tiny corner of the home office puzzle. But learning when to work is the key to unlocking the complete picture. Select working times when distractions are minimal. That may mean waiting to start your job until after the trash truck rolls through your neighborhood or having a lunch break when the nearby school is on recess.

How to Soundproof Your Windows

Just like doors, windows are one of the weakest links in your home when it comes to protecting against unwanted outside noise. Updating older single-pane windows is usually cost-prohibitive and isn’t as effective a solution as you may think. Hanging heavy curtains in front of windows can help cut down on sounds, but they also prevent light from entering and make your room feel claustrophobic. A much better solution to block out noise is to install soundproof window inserts. These inserts can prevent up to an average of 85% of outdoor noise from getting through without obstructing your view.

Sun & Sound Windows offers homeowners made-in-Texas quarter-inch lamented glass insert panels in various sizes and configurations. Customers can choose from single-piece, double-piece, or operational glass inserts that provide a Sound Transmission Class rating of up to 48 when installed next to a double-pane window. Installation is quick and easy, with the inserts sliding between the existing window and window treatment. Inserts are almost invisible from the outside and come in various frame colors to match interior decor. Several levels of tinting are available to help protect against the sun.

Outdoor sounds are just as intrusive when you are not at work, so why not get the same level of outside noise reduction for every room in your house? Enjoy uninterrupted time with your family and sleep better than ever before when you get soundproof window inserts installed on all of your home’s windows — Call 281-914-0264 to speak with a customer care specialist or arrange an appointment online.