Is there anything more valuable than a peaceful home?

If you’re stressed by the daily grind, a peaceful home is restorative. Or perhaps you simply want to enjoy an already comforting space more fully. It just takes a few touches and removing some distracting clutter, including the clutter of noise, to enhance the feeling of pride and happiness in your home.

Take some time to write down what you want in the atmosphere of your home. Why? Because a peaceful home doesn’t just happen. It’s something you seek and create deliberately.

Here are some ideas to inspire you on how to create a peaceful home where you look forward to unwinding at the end of the day.

Aromatherapy: Make Your Home a Sanctuary

If you love candles, check the discount area of your nearest big box store for markdowns. Avoid candles that are super cheap to begin with, because with candles you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for an elegant peaceful home candle that’s fairly priced, you might try Target’s Nature’s Wick brand candles. They come in a variety of Earth-inspired scents. Put one of these candles in a quiet home, and you can hear the wooden wick crackling gently as it burns. Soothing and delightful!

Some people, especially if they live with pets or children, prefer an option that’s free of unwanted chemicals or extra ingredients. Consider therapeutic grade essential oils. They are gently emitted through a diffuser — which, unlike a candle, will last in your home indefinitely.

The essential oil of eucalyptus is bracing. Tea tree is soothing. Frankincense is stress-relieving.

You can even create your own mood, with the perfect blend of soothing oils. Use peppermint and rosemary with a citrus oil such as lemon or orange, for a natural energy boost. For a balanced sense of uplift and calm, try blending a few drops each of lemongrass and lavender.

Share Your Space With Succulents

Even one plant can bring a feeling of peace into a room. Thank goodness for little cacti and succulents: adorable, hardy and delightfully low-maintenance.

At home or in your office, plants are natural, super-effective air purifiers. In addition, we humans have a deep love for greenery and it enhances our moods.

Although plants ingest carbon dioxide and give off life-giving oxygen in the daytime, photosynthesis is on hold at night, and the effect is reversed. In contrast, succulents do give off oxygen at night, so they are good for your bedroom or your kids’ rooms, They can help support a good night’s sleep.

Work With What You Have

Warm rooms in our southern regions, whether Texas or Tennessee, are perfect for ferns, succulents and cacti.

Bring the peaceful traits of plants into your home or office space by decorating space near windows with succulents.

Use what you have! Re-purpose an old work ladder and let succulents grow and drape themselves over every step. Take cuttings from one succulent to grow more.

To preserve root health, water plants from a saucer or liner placed under pots with drainage holes. Then, let the sunlight flow into your space, nourishing your plants and yourself. Open the windows when you can. Portable fans can support a breeze and imbue your home with a sense of cool refreshment.

Tea Is a Classic Soother

If you happen to enjoy tea, sipping it is a subtle way to increase the peace at home year-round. Look for vintage spice and tea cabinets on Etsy to find a charmer.

Does anything redeem a wet, chilly evening like hot tea, a throw draped over a sofa and a book?

And on summer and fall days, what could be more delightful than a glass pitcher of iced green tea? Brewed at the strength to hold up to ice, green tea or sencha tea comes out with a rich yellow hue. Enjoy it on its own over ice, or garnish your glass with a slice of lemon and a few mint leaves.

Make a bright and rosy, caffeine-free hibiscus iced tea if you have children. Hibiscus tea comes in convenient packets, and can be found at big grocery stores and smaller health food stores.

Enjoy this age-old, borderless ritual and infuse your home with positivi-tea!

Treasure Your Peace and Quiet

Noise and relaxation can’t coexist. If you wonder how to create a peaceful home, the noise must go.

Research carried out at the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, showed how noisy space heighten people’s risk of hearing loss. It even raises their risk of developing hypertension or suffering strokes.

Some 104 million people experience average sound louder than 70 decibels, which puts them at risk. Think about this if your TV is always on or your home is full of loud toys, shouting and barking.

Ditto if you live in a home under an air traffic pattern or in a development where landscaping or loud traffic is common. People living or working near sports arenas, bars and restaurants may be ingesting a daily dose of unhealthful noise through their windows.

Making physical alterations, such as the installation of reinforced glass, is one of the best preventative actions you can take.

A quiet home is well worth making. Noise disrupts our sleep. It interrupts our conversations, our stream of thought or any kind of mental work. Noise can even shorten our lives, scientists say.

Enhance (Don’t Replace) Your Windows

You can create a quiet oasis by modifying the sound levels in your own home. Once you’re mindful of keeping the indoor noise down, you’ll start noticing sounds from outside. This noise comes into your space through and around windows. Protect your peace and quiet and improve the overall insulation of your home with soundproof window inserts installed into your replacement windows.

We transform homes and offices into peaceful spaces with best-in-class Sun and Sound soundproofing window inserts. At Sun and Sound Windows, we also work with what you have: your existing single-pane or double-pane windows. We can even soundproof your arched windows.

Your new, soundproof inserts will be slim and discrete and will not change the aesthetics of your home. We swiftly install the laminated glass inserts between your window your shades, blinds, shutters or curtains. We need not replace or change your existing windows at all.

Imagine the Difference With Sun and Sound Inserts

Overnight, your new inserts can block up to 75 percent of the noise from commercial vehicles, air conditioning compressors and other low-pitched sounds, and up to 95 percent of the high-pitched noises you currently tolerate. Enjoy the comfort of being home without those distractions and irritants.

Window inserts make hot rooms, or rooms with excessive sun glare, more comfortable. And with your energy savings, the investment in window inserts starts to pay for itself the day of installation.

Sun and Sound Windows is proud to serve the cities and suburbs of Houston, Galveston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. If you wonder how to create a peaceful home, a simple step is to contact us to set up an appointment with our technicians or call us to get a quote. Then relax! We’ve got you covered.