If you want to soundproof a room with windows, whether for a home music studio, blocking your neighbors’ noise or just a good night’s sleep, there are a few steps you can take to reduce sound.

First, make sure you don’t have cracks along your windows that sound can seep into.

Next, soundproof your windows themselves.

How to Make Room Windows Soundproof

Install (or have us install in just a day) soundproof glass window inserts. There are three things you need for maximum soundproof power: sufficiently thick windows, an air gap and a tight seal.

Our acoustic grade glass window inserts are 1/4″ thick, made from two pieces of 1/8″ thick annealed glass held together with a flexible membrane. This is enough mass to help block sound, and the membrane keeps sound from vibrating the glass.

When we install our glass window inserts, we install them far enough away from your existing windows to create an air gap that traps sound. Our rule of thumb is two inches from your old window. This helps capture sound waves.

Finally, we ensure a good seal. If you don’t have a good seal, sound waves can leak in like water. As an added bonus, this seal helps reduce heat and air-conditioning loss, reducing your energy bill. They also block the sun’s heat.

Types of Soundproof Glass Window Inserts

  • Single-piece insert – This removable panel is our most popular soundproofing window insert. It’s the least expensive and most effective because it has the least number of places to contribute sound leakage. To open your window, you remove it by pulling to release the magnetic frame from the steel frame. It’s the best choice if you don’t open your windows daily.
  • Operating insert – This soundproof window insert works just like a regular sliding window. The lower sash slides up and down or side to side, whichever way your old windows move. This insert is the best choice if you regularly open your windows in the room. However, this is the most expensive option due to the higher cost of manufacturing.
  • Two-piece insert – This insert has an upper and lower panel. This makes it easier for you to open your existing windows because you only have to take out the lower panel to access the lock on your existing window. This is a good choice if you regularly open your windows but want to keep costs down.

Make Your Room Windows Soundproof – Fast

We quickly install your windows, without mess, and our window inserts don’t change the look of your window, so they are approved for historic homes. Plus, all components are warranted against defect and workmanship as long as you own your home.

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