Bask in the Quiet of Your Soundproof Apartment today.

Plains, trains, automobilesBarking dogs. Howling winds. Partying neighbors. Not what you need to hear when you get home from a hectic day and take your shoes off in your cozy apartment.

Window noise is especially intrusive in apartment bedrooms and can also permeate the entire interior space. Are you in this predicament? You need an affordable and easy way to soundproof your apartment from the noise that’s coming from traffic and everything else. Now.

But, you might be reluctant to invest in a property you don’t own.

Our New Buy-back Program for Apartments

At Sun and Sound Windows, we are pleased to offer customers who lease their homes a new option. Our buy-back program allows you to use our soundproof apartment window inserts for the term of your lease, then receive up to 50 percent of the cost back for qualified apartments. We’ll remove the inserts, leaving no trace, then give you up to 30 percent back.

Our customers experience Sun and Sound window inserts as refreshingly effective. They neutralize up to 75 percent of low, rumbling noises and up to 95 percent of high-pitched noises like sirens. And the inserts will be almost invisible. No obstructions to your view. No diminishing of your ambient light.

Your new Sun and Sound window inserts will:

  • Significantly reduce construction and traffic sounds at every pitch.
  • Shield your space from the hubbub of parks, stadiums, bars and restaurants outside your windows.
  • Attenuate landscaping noise and the rumble and whir of machinery, as well as natural sources such as wind and storms.

Have our Sun and Sound technicians install your new glass inserts, and your soundproof apartment will also benefit from the energy-saving effects. Since they reduce your air-conditioning and heating needs, your new inserts will begin offsetting the rental cost the moment we put them into place. Call us 30 days before the end of your lease. We’ll arrange to remove the inserts and refund 50 percent of your cost.

We serve metro areas in and around Austin, Galveston, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth.

Let Sun and Sound Windows help you achieve a quiet and serene home. We’d be delighted to talk about your current noise issues, your window configuration, and the buy-back program best suited to your lease. For a free estimate, talk to the experts at Sun and Sound Windows about how to soundproof an apartment.