Sleep hygiene is essential for maintaining good health, but most people admit they’re not getting enough of it. Poor sleep habits are such a massive problem in America and many cases are due to lack of resources that effectively block out noise. According to a study by the CDC, 1 in 3 adults suffer from sleep deprivation. While everyone knows lack of sleep causes drowsiness, slows reaction time, and dulls mental ability, it is the other significant health risks that are the most dangerous. Poor sleeping patterns over an extended period can lead to an increased chance of obesity, dementia, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers.

While most people find the necessary time to take care of themselves by eating correctly and exercising, maintaining proper sleep hygiene is low on the list of priorities. Change that and regain energy and improve your health with better sleep. You can get started by using this handy sleep hygiene checklist.

Six Things You Can Do to Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

Set a Strict Sleeping Schedule

Your body works best when you maintain a routine. Eating, exercising, and sleeping are just a few of the activities that you should schedule every day. Having a reasonable bedtime and sticking to it (yes, even on the weekend and holidays) is one of the best ways to prevent insomnia and increase the quality of your sleep. Don’t forget to set the alarm for the same time. Oversleeping can affect the way we feel, too.

Don’t Lounge in Bed

Using your bed as a place to curl up and read or watch TV isn’t such a great idea. Doing activities where your mind is alert and working hard trains your body that your bed is for more than sleeping. If possible, it is best to stay out of your bedroom entirely during the day. Engaging in stressful activities, like a job or schoolwork, in your bedroom can be detrimental to getting quality rest at night.

Say Goodbye to Screens

Many people watch TV or check their social media and email accounts right before getting ready to go to sleep. Avoiding screens for an hour before bedtime is smart for everyone but particularly important for anyone with a history of sleeping issues. Some experts suspect that the blue light emitted by screens lowers melatonin production. This is a huge problem since melatonin is beneficial for helping people to fall asleep.

Mentally Prepare Yourself for Bedtime

A standard bedtime routine is good for kids, but it can also help adults. By turning washing your face and brushing your teeth into a ritual, you can subconsciously shift your brain from active mode to sleep mode. If you need a little more direct help, try meditation or a calming breathing technique to dispel anxiety before getting under the covers.

Don’t Overindulge in the Evening

It is best to stop eating three to four hours before going to bed. Try to stop drinking an hour before sleeping. Doing this will help ensure you won’t need to make a late-night trip to the bathroom. While you should never drink too much alcohol at any time, consuming a stiff drink right before bedtime may help you drift off to sleep quicker, but the quality of sleep isn’t as good and may lead to a nasty headache the following day.

Block Outside Noise

Whether you are working the swing shift or live near a busy road, falling and staying asleep is tough when it’s loud outside. Noise disrupts sleep and can cause health issues beyond the typical grogginess linked to sleepless nights. But you don’t have to suffer when there’s a simple solution. Soundproof window inserts can eliminate as much as 85% of the most annoying low-pitched noises like the rumble of traffic and commercial A/C units. These inserts are easy to install, and you don’t even have to replace your current windows. Sleep soundly and get the better sleep you deserve with Soundproof window inserts.

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