You have options for noise reduction window inserts. Here’s the top questions to ask to compare them.

1. What is the STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of the noise reduction window inserts?

An STC rating is the industry standard for measuring sound abatement of building partitions like walls, windows and doors. Ratings are obtained by a standard process that measures the number of decibels a partition can stop. The higher the number of the STC rating, the better the ability to block noise.

2. How does the sound abatement capability (the STC) of my noise reduction window inserts compare to my walls?

In other words, if the inserts have a better STC than your walls, you need to know up front so you can set realistic expectations about the end result. For example, the STC rating for a typical residential brick veneer wall is in the 52-54 range. Each increase of 10 in an STC rating halves the sound.

3. Is the clear part of the insert made of glass or acrylic?

The two most common choices are 1/4″ thick acoustic grade glass (laminated glass) and 1/4″ thick acrylic. Laminated glass has a significantly higher STC rating than acrylic because it has more mass per square foot.

4. How will soundproof window inserts filter the type of noise I am experiencing?

A small dog’s bark is usually higher-pitched than a large dog’s bark. High-pitched noise is easier to stop than low-pitched noise. Noise reduction window inserts will block less low-pitched sound and more high-pitched sound. Knowing this will help you set expectations based on the source of your noise.

5. What is your part in the process?

Some companies offer a DIY product, and others are full-service. They have different approaches to the process, pricing, installation, custom sizes and other preferences. We are a turnkey company. We visit your location to bring samples and discuss your needs, make the measurements, manufacture the product and install the product.

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