What Is Acoustic Laminated Glass and How Do Acoustic Window Inserts Work?

If you’re looking to reduce the noise in your home, office or home office, the type of glass you use matters. Single-pane windows offer the least protection from unwanted sounds outside your home from traffic to lawn equipment to barking dogs. Storm windows are designed to reduce the impact of high winds and heavy rains, not sounds.

So, is acoustic glass worth it for noise reduction? Let’s start with how it’s made.

What Is Acoustic Laminated Glass?

Acoustic laminated glass is windshield glass, which consists of two glass panels with a membrane layer between them. This ¼ inch thick glass increases the ability to block annoying sounds from outdoors.

Plus, the membrane between the layers of glass helps minimize vibrations from sound. You can think of it like when put a finger on a bell to stop it from vibrating and it stops ringing.

Does Acoustic Glass Work?

Our acoustic grade window inserts reduce sound an average of 85%. They block up to 75% of low-pitched noise (traffic, air-conditioning compressors, etc.) and up to 95% of high-pitched noise (bus brakes, pool pumps, etc.).

Is Acoustic Glass Worth It?

Compared to acrylic, acoustic glass has more mass and stops more sound. It also doesn’t yellow like acrylic.

We used to offer both acrylic and glass acoustic window inserts, but with glass 95% of our customers reported being happy compared to 70% with acrylic.

Why Do We Need an Air Gap Between the Insert and the Window?

To achieve additional sound reduction, you need a sound trap. A sound trap is created by installing the acoustic insert at least two inches away from the existing window. Sound traps create an area of interference where the sound waves passing through the existing window bounce off of the acoustic insert and collide into the incoming sound waves. This reduces the power of the incoming soundwaves.

Get Custom Acoustic Panels for Your Windows

Why hire experts rather than DIY?

We are a full-service provider. We measure, manufacture and install.  We take full responsibility for our work with a warranty for both materials and workmanship.

We install your custom acoustic grade window inserts usually in one day, without mess. And we can create a custom size and shape to match the look and feel of your current window. This is why it’s approved for historic homes.

Ready to get a good night’s sleep and productive day’s work at home? Talk to our experts and get a free quote for custom acoustic window inserts.